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 [important] Board Rules

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PostSubject: [important] Board Rules   Sat May 08, 2010 3:54 pm

These are the board rules. They are subject to change without notice. As a registered user, you have to stick to these rules. Breaking of rules can lead to being kicked off the board or even being banned from it.

This website is free of use. Neither the Forum nor the Main Site user accounts are charged anything.

Users agree to not advertise commercial products/websites without permission by the owner of this website. When linking to products offered by Amazon Inc., a certain form of linking should be followed, explained in a seperate topic. Users can link/advertise private or non-commercial websites.

Using this forum means respecting other users of this community. Please do not insult others or post offensive content.

Please do not post any of the following: explicit disturbing violence, pornography (that means explicitness in human genitals or pictures/videos of sexual intercourse), fascist/racist content, overly large media files, overly large texts.

The owner of this website (Forum and Main Page) does not guarantee the accuracy and reliabilty of any of the content provided on these sites or posted by the users of these sites. Any information is subject to change due to the nature of the software used.

§6 SOFTWARE USED uses, which is free.

This website is hosted on our own server. Bandwidth troubles should not ensue. Please contact the owner of this website before you link to media on this website, from outside. Thank you.

By signing up for either the main site or the forum you agree that the data you provided (plus your IP adress and hostname) will be used for technical means (retrieving your password, making sure your account works) or for sending you information related to your membership. Your data will not be used for anything else and we do not give away your data to third party. We do not garantee for possible data leaks or hacker attacks.

§10 Your Information
You have to provide a valid email adress. Do not sign up several times (i.e. open multiple accounts)

You should choose a member name that is not offensive and you should provide profile data that is not offensive either.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards punk behavior and rules violators. Kicking occurs without warning. In severe cases members can be banned with a technically sophisticated mechanism. Individuals known as punks from websites other than this are to be considered personae-non-grata and will not be allowed membership

Upon signing up for this message board you agree to the following:
* we will send - at our will - news and updates and important notifications to the emailadress you specified
* we reserve the right to delete accounts where we suspect invalid or dead emailadresses and the account hasn't been used for 200 days or longer

§13 Signatures and Avatars
Users are allowed to select pictures as their avatar. Users can embed one picture into their signature that does not exceed 500 pixels in width and 100 pixels in height. Users are encouraged to use small filesize images. Users may include URLs (links) in their signatures as long as these do not violate our policy on spam and unpermitted advertising or other.

Please use valid and working email accounts. Accounts with fake email accounts will be deleted, and accounts with email adresses that cause problems (bouncing etc) will be notified. Dead accounts (accounts inactive for 6 months or longer) will be deleted.

Will be updated and changed without notice.
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[important] Board Rules
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