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 If you know it please tell me !

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PostSubject: If you know it please tell me !   Mon Jul 15, 2013 11:55 pm

The movie begins right before the gang is about to commit a bankrobbery, they rob the bank successfully and ride of. But the gang apparently displeased with the leader shots him shortly after they get away. but they fail to kill him they only shoot him through the shoulder and they ride of. the former leader is the picked up by the possey. The gangleader seeking revenge convinces the possey they would benefit from his help. but before they start their chase he has to tend his wound which he legendary (amongst my friends at least ) closes by filling it with gunpowder and burning it shut cheers  And he goes on to take down his former crew one by one in a thrilling chase.

other details might be whiskey voice and black beard on the gangleader (not that its such a big clue in this genre) he also makes an ¨impossible¨ shot from the top of a canyon killing one of his former gangmembers. In the same scene he could have killed more of them but he chooses not to since it would be to easy on them... also i would guess the movie to be from 80 or more recent.

But as i said i cant remember the title of the movie, If anyone can help me I would be very grateful
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If you know it please tell me !
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