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 Tall in the Saddle

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Cass Dowdy

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PostSubject: Tall in the Saddle   Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:43 pm

Tall in the Saddle was a 1944 RKO picture starring John Wayne as Rocklin, a tough
experienced ranch hand who's come to work for the KC ranch. Well it just so happens
that the KC owner has been gunned down. The neighboring ranch owner, Harolday
and Judge Garvey, are in cahoots to swindle the KC from the blue blood easterner
Clara Cardell played by Audrey Long. Clara has inherited the KC and she has an eye
for Rocklin. Arly Harolday (played by the magnificent Ella Raines) has more than an
eye for Rocklin, she has her sights aimed straight at him. Ward Bond (John Wayne's
drinking buddy) is the judge and they get into a good punch-up about half way through.
Jibberjabber Gabby Hayes is the stage driver and he backs Rocklin right from the start.
Sheriff Jackson has it in for Rocklin (played by Emory Parnell), who always seemed to
have more teeth that he needed. Deputy Clews (Paul Fix), co-wrote this picture along
with Michael Hogan.
Tall in the Saddle has a good story with some twists and director Edwin Marin kept
things moving along nicely. There are some on location scenes from Lake Sherwood
and Agoura California as well as RKO's Encino Ranch. John Wayne was really hitting
stride by the time this one was made.
A great old western.
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Tall in the Saddle
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