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 The Hero and their horses

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PostSubject: The Hero and their horses   Sat May 19, 2012 1:50 pm

Certainly not a complete list plus I'm sure there are errors but it's a start for those who might want a list of the cowboys, cowgirls and horses they rode.

Accord, Art Raven/Rex, Black Beauty
Allen, Bob (also as Robert "Tex" Allen) Pal
Allen, Rex Ko-Ko
Anderson, Broncho Billy Ranger
Andrews, Slim Josephine
Autry, Gene Diablo, Champion (Tony Jr.), Champion Jr.

Baker, Bob Apache
Baker, Tom Baron
Ballew, Smith Sheik, Starlight
Bannon, Jim Thunder
Barry, Don "Red" Cyclone, Thunder
Barton, Buzz Pee Wee
Bell, Rex Streak, Stormy, Sheik
Bennett, Reese (Laredo) Cactus
Benny, Buck Partner
Benson, Bobby Amigo
Blake, Robert "Little Beaver" Papoose
Boone, Richard Rafter
Boyd, Bill Texas
Boyd, William Sheik, Topper
Brand, Neville Cactus
Brown, Johnny Mack Rebel, Reno
Browne, Reno Major
Burnette, Smiley Ring Eye/Black-Eyed Nellie

Cameron, Rod Knight
Carey, Harry Sunny
Carpenter, Johnny Patterfoot
Carson, Sunset Cactus, Silver/Silver Chief
Cartwright, Adam Beauty, Sport
Cartwright, Ben Buck (Dunny Waggoner)
Cartwright, Hoss Chubb, Ginger, Paiute
Cartwright, Little Joe Cochise, Paint
Cassidy, Hopalong Topper
Chandler, Lane Raven
Cisco Kid, The Diablo
Clyde, Andy Johnny
Cody, Bill Chico
Coleman, Don Ghost
Cooper, Chad Amigo
Corrigan, Ray "Crash" Silver/Silver Chief, Sheik
Curtis, Ken Ruth
Crabbe, Buster White Cloud/Falcon, Sheik
Craig, Lofty Forest

Dean, Eddie Copper, War Paint, Flash, White Cloud
Devine, Andy (Jingles Jones) Joker
Dillon, Matt Buck (Dunny Waggoner)
Dix, Richard Dice/Pair 'O Dice
Drury, James "Virginian" Appy

Eastwood, Clint (Rowdy Yates) Midnight
Elliot, Wild Bill Thunder, Dice/ Pair 'O Dice, Sunny
Evans, Dale Buttermilk, Pal

Foran, Dick Smoke
Fuller, Robert Hoot

Gable, Clark Steel
Gibson, Hoot Starlight, Goldie, Mud, Silver

Hadley, Reed Sheik
Hale, Monte Lightnin', Pardner
Harding, Tex Diablo
Hart, William S. Fritz
Hatton, Raymond Lucky/Tex
Hayden, Russ Banjo, Copper, Zipper
Hayes, George "Gabby" Calico, Eddie, Blossom
Heston, Charlton Domino
Holt, Jack Robin Hood
Holt, Tim Sheik, Duke, Lightning, Sun Dance
Hopkins, Sandy Lucky/Tex
Houston, George Shamrock
Hoxie, Jack Scout, Sheik, Starlight
Hutchins, Will Penny

Jefferies, Herb Stardusk
Johnson, Ben Steel
Jones, Buck White Eagle, Silver
Jones, Dickie Lucky/Tex

Keene, Tom Rusty, Prince, Flash
King, John "Dusty" Lucky/Tex
Kirby, Lt. Cullen (Jan Merlin) Joker
Knight, Fuzzy Old Brownie

Lane, Allan "Rocky" Black Jack, Mesquite, Feather, Banner, Thunder
Larue, Lash Black Diamond, Rush
Livingston, Bob Shamrock, Starlight, Silver/Silver Chief
Lone Ranger, The Dusty (before Silver), Silver
Luden, Jack Pal

McCoy, Charlie (George Segal) Blackjack
McCoy, Tim Starlight, Sheik, Ace, Midnight
McCrea, Joel Steel
McQueen, Steve Ringo
Madison, Guy Buckshot
Mahoney, Jock Rawhide
Martin, Richard (Chito Rafferty) Taco
Marvin, Lee Smokey
Masterson, Bat Stardust
Maverick, Brett El Loaner
Maynard, Ken Tarzan
Maynard, Kermit Baron, Rocky
Mitchum, Robert Steel
Mix, Tom Tony, Tony Jr., Old Blue
Morrison, Pete Lightning

Newill, Jim White Cloud/Alamo

Oakley, Annie Target
Oakley, Tagg Pixie
O'Brian, George Mike
O'Day, Nell Shorty

Page, Dorothy Snowy
Pancho Loco
Payne, John Scar (John Henry)
Perrin, Jack Starlight
Pickens, Slim Dear John, Appaloosa
Powell, Lee Silver/Silver Chief
Presley, Elvis Rising Sun
Presley, Priscilla Bear
Preston, John Dynamite
Sgt Preston (Richard Simmons) Blackie

Randall, Jack Rusty, Starlight, Lucky/Tex
Randall, Josh Ringo
Rifleman, The Razor, Blue Boy
Ringo, Johnny Bingo
Ritter, Tex White Flash, Starlight
Robertson, Dale Fargo, Jubilee, Leo, Hannibal
Rogers, Will Soapsuds, Teddy, Comanche
Rogers, Roy Trigger (Golden Cloud), Trigger Jr.
Roosevelt, Buddy Pardner, Tommy
Russell, Reb Rebel

Savage, Jon Aranka
Scott, Fred White Dust, White King, Starlight
Scott, Randolph Stardust, Steel
Sharpe, Dave Sheik
Sherman, Slim White Cloud/Alamo
Silverheels, Jay (Tonto) White Feller, Paint Horse, Scout
Smith, Cooper Gambler
Smith, John White Cloud/Alamo
Starrett, Charlie Raider, Silver/Silver Chief
Steele, Bob Brownie, Zane/Boy, Lucky/Tex
Stewart, Jimmy Pie
Stewart, Peggy Smoky

Terhune, Max Banjo
Thomson, Fred Silver King
Thunder Cloud, Chief Sunny
Turpin, Dick Black Bess
Tyler, Tom Ace, Baron, Starlight, Silver/Silver Chief

Wakely, Jimmy Lucky/Tex, Sonny
Wales, Wally Silver King, Ace, Baron, Sheik
Walker, Clint Brandy
Wayne, John Duke, Banner, Cochise, White Cloud/Alamo, Beau, Steel, Dollar, Starlight
Williams, Bill "Kit Carson:" Apache
Williams, Guin "Big B oy" Starlight
Williams, Guy (Zorro) Tornado, Phantom
Wills, Bob Clover, Diablo
Wilson, Whip Silver Bullet/Lightning

Yates, Rowdy (Clint Eastwood) Midnight

Zorro (Guy Williams) Tornado, Phantom

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PostSubject: Re: The Hero and their horses   Sat May 19, 2012 2:09 pm

Thanks for contributing!
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The Hero and their horses
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