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 What movie serial was this scene from?

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PostSubject: What movie serial was this scene from?   Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:20 am

Sometime around 1990, AMC played an old western serial where some crooks chased a young blond boy into a canyon after a bag of loot he had taken from them and they wanted it back. Being small, he slid between the tall rocks in which they were not able to get to him at being they were larger frame. Then to get them off his back, the boy took the bags of money and began throwing it all into the air. This alerted the cowboy hero of the movie as to where the boy was hiding so that he could save him.

I only caught the last chapter of the serial but I remember the cowboy hero being the star of the serial and possibly even in his name.
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What movie serial was this scene from?
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